Industrial Property

Oil & Gas Property – American Ad Valorem is a leading multistate provider of property tax services to oil and gas producers and royalty owners. In Texas alone, we work more than 2,400 operated oil and gas leases and approximately 9,900 royalty interests. Over the past ten years, we have consistently protested and reduced the valuation on almost 60% of the operated oil and gas properties we represented. We reduced our client's tax bills by 36.1%. But best of all, our fees remain low and have typically been in the range of 5 to 7% of the taxes saved! Over the past ten years, our client’s average savings after including the costs of our fees were 30.3%.

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Energy Services – American Ad Valorem handles property tax matters for most aspects of the energy industry such as drilling companies, oil field services, trucking, gatherers, pipelines, compression rental services, salt water disposal companies, environmental, steel & tubular goods and storage, gas plants, electric utilities, wind power, uranium in-situ leaching projects.

Manufacturing, Heavy Construction & Fabrication – American Ad Valorem has extensive property tax experience meeting the property tax needs for clients who provide worldwide construction, manufacturing and fabrication services. We are familiar with and handle tax assessment issues on all types of equipment. Whether your equipment is in a manufacturing plant, in the quarry (rock, limestone, gravel, hot mix & cement), in international transit, at the construction site, or still on the dealer’s lot we know the relevant tax issues and are well equipped to render and negotiate value.


Personal PropertyMedical Equipment, Retail, Wholesale, Franchise Fast Food, Distributors, Trucking and Fleet Services, Inventory

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Real PropertyResidential, Commerical, Vacation, Master Planned Projects, Farm, Ranch, Recreational and Wildlife Management Lands

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