Real PropertyResidential, Commercial, Vacation, Master Planned Projects, Farm, Ranch, Recreational and Wildlife Management Lands

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Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Construction, Pipelines, Utilities, Marine Services and other Complex Property

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Medical Equipment, Retail, Wholesale, Franchise Fast Food, Distributors, Trucking and Fleet Services, Inventory

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Property Tax Services

Our Services Include:

  • On-site inspection for new property
  • Annual desk review of unchanged property
  • Appraise and Render (File) timely property tax returns
  • Analyze and negotiate settlements of property valuations
  • File protests and necessary paperwork for appeals
  • Represent you before all local and state appeals boards
  • Develop tax estimates for accruals
  • Obtain all tax documents on your behalf
  • Assist clients with tax planning and proforma analysis
  • Check tax statements for accuracy and approve them for payment

What sets AAVTC apart from others is our dedication to maintaining close contact with our clients. This ensures that there are no surprises and that all expectations are met.

Our Fees: We tailor a fee for each of our commercial and business clients to meet the individual level of services desired and that matches the responsibility and results.

Our goals are: to assure fair and equitable taxes on your company’s property, to lessen the cost of your company’s administration of its tax responsibility so that you can focus on more important aspects of your business, and to deliver to you piece of mind knowing with AAVTC as your agent you have done all you can.

We are marching forward in our quest to review, disseminate and challenge unequal and non-uniform assessments and practices while meeting the needs of our clients.